When Your Hope Hangs on Only by a Thread


When you think you are near your breaking point, you often are not. We humans can walk through horrific tragedies, sad events, terrible and divisive conversations, painful illnesses and injuries, worry, despair, the white-knuckle rollercoaster of our lives….and as long as we have God, we can continue.

You may still be figuring out how to do this gracefully. I know I am. There have been moments in my life when my white-knuckle grip on reality has been rice paper thin. My snotty nosed, angry prayers have been tossed out to God through gritted teeth. Tearful pleas have been whispered into my pillow. And hope has hung on only by a mere, thin thread.

When Your Hope Hangs on Only by a Thread momentaryafflictions.com Be encouraged that you are NOT alone in your struggles; Jesus is with you!

When Your Hope Hangs on Only by a Thread

Even though I want to be more graceful, I believe God understands. Even when no one else can relate, He does. He has lived it all. Each and every ache, worry, injury, conversation, temptation, anger-filled cry has been experienced by our Lord Jesus. And He offers you grace.

He offers me grace.

God continues to reach Hs hands down to lift us up out of the miry clay, and to wipe away each tear.

God’s desire and plan is to use whatever struggle you are walking through right now for His glory and your growth. I believe that for you and in my own life. In fact, though I grapple with the idea of suffering and why I must, I know that He is for me.

He is for you.

He will not forsake us.

My prayer for you today, and for me, is that we continue to hold on. Lift your heart to the Savior, tell Him about your woes, ask Him why. He can handle it. Be still before Him, even if for only a few moments. He will bring peace and comfort to your soul even through your suffering.

Listen for His whisper, and keep holding on, friend. I’m white-knuckling it right alongside you, and waiting for God to rescue me.

He is coming. Just hold on.


Some encouragement from Max Lucado.

Put Your Trust in Jesus


Where do you go when you are afraid?

Put Your Trust in Jesus


momentaryafflictions.com When you're worried or afraid, when troubles come your way, put your trust in Jesus. He will never leave your nor forsake you. He is always with you.


God is always there, waiting to offer comfort and fill you with truth. Run to His word to renew your mind and cast out fear.

Find more encouraging scripture graphics, resources, and stories in the series Learning to Trust God in Everything.

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

What is your favorite verse to encourage you when you are fearful? Share in the comments.

7 Resources for Writing God’s Word on Your Heart


One way that I have always learned best is by writing things down. I do this with short-term things such as grocery lists or to-do’s for the day. You may be surprised just how many items you remember from your list when you head to the grocery store and leave your list on you kitchen counter. Next time that happens, check to see how many you forgot. If you’re like me, there won’t be many.

I also always wrote things out when I needed to learn definitions for vocabulary tests in my English class or to help me remember history facts in school.

These days I use this method to help get God’s word deep into my heart. It is my way of putting Deuteronomy 6:4-9 into action in my own life.

I have begun writing scripture, one or two verses or sometimes an entire chapter depending on how I feel God is leading me that particular day, in a notebook that I keep for bible memory work and for journaling.


momentaryafflictions.com I've found some fabulous ways to study the bible. Come on over and see these 7 resources for writing God's word on your heart!


Studying the bible in this way helps me to remember bible verses more easily when I need them. I also find it helpful and encouraging to look back through and see what I was going through as well as how God answered prayers and worked things out during different times in my life.

Today I would like to share with you some helpful resources that I have come across as I have delved deeper into the scriptures.

7 Resources for Writing God’s Word on Your Heart


  1. Debbie’s Think on These Things series has been wonderful for journaling and bible journaling. She offers new verses each month so you can stick with a particular book or you can check them all out and choose different verses that speak to you.
  2. Candace offers lovely resources to Write the Word over on her blog. She has focused on several books of the bible and you can find them all over on her Praying the Scriptures resource page. Use #writetheword to find others who are taking this challenge.
  3. The SOAP method has been helpful. It is just a bit more structured than the others but this is great if you want to dig into the meaning and application of verses in your own life.
  4. I love these beautiful printable devotional journals, ranging from FREE up to $7 per download. A really fun way to study God’s word.
  5. Or you could try out this printable bible study guide and see how it works for you.
  6. Lisa shares 3 ways to dig deep into God’s word. I especially like #3 on her list.
  7. Marcy has created a beautiful coloring journal for teen girls who love Jesus, but I personally think it could be used by any woman who wants to get God’s word into her heart and enjoys coloring.

Have you been following along with my series, Learning to Trust God in Everything? Don’t miss out! Be sure you check in each day to see the newest post.

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

Have you found some especially helpful resources for writing God’s word on your heart? Please tell me about them in the comments!


God Sees You


In the midst of heartache and trouble, it can feel as if God is nowhere around. You may know in your heart and soul that He will never forsake you, but negative thoughts can sometimes still flit across your mind.

He is too busy to help me.

God doesn’t hear my prayers.

He simply does not see my suffering.

Being able to recognize these thoughts as lies is key to building your trust in God and knowing that no matter your circumstance God does see you. Satan would have you believe the lies. After all, He cannot steal your salvation but he does his best to steal your joy.


To remind myself that God is always present in my life, I look for little evidences in the every day. Come on over and be encouraged that God sees you, too! momentaryafflictions.com


God Sees You

To remind myself that God is, in fact, always watching and always present in my life, I look for little evidences in the every day.

I remember several years ago, when we were still educating our children at home, looking on our shelves for specific books I needed for our homeschool. I simply could not find them, and searched in vain three or four times. Finally, I thought to ask the Lord for His help. A simple prayer of “Lord, I need these books today. Help me put my eyes on them.”

I went back to the shelves and looked again. Guess what? God fixed my eyes on just the ones I needed! He saw me and my need that day. It was insignificant for anyone else on that day but so important for my entire homeschool day.

Another example of how God sees me is how He answered my prayer about some books I wanted. They were not needed…I could have used other books. But I wanted to read them with my children. These particular books were difficult to find as a set because they were out of print. I had searched and found them on Ebay, but at a significant financial investment that we could not afford to make at the time.

I soon attended a curriculum sale associated with our homeschool co-op. One of the sellers there had the entire 48-book collection available for just $50, a much lower price than I had been able to find on Ebay. Of course, I thankfully snapped them up! Those books still grace our shelves, and I remember God’s love for me every single time I look at them.

Just a few weeks ago God answered my fleeting prayer of “Lord, please let my son be okay. Keep him safe.” He was late getting home from work. It was rainy. Turns out, he was late because was in a car accident on his way home. He came out of it without a scratch, as did the person in the other car. His car did not fare so well. The airbags deployed, his windshield is cracked, and the entire left front end is crumpled. The car is totaled, but lives were spared. God is good, even as we have consequences to deal with, I thank Him for His protection and mercy.

Perhaps your needs are much greater than books for your homeschool or how to replace a totaled car. Many times mine are, too. You may be struggling in your marriage, living with a chronic illness, struggling as you parent a rebellious child. Life may be really hard right now. Look to Jesus. Don’t take your eyes off of Him.

God knows your needs. He cares for you. He will not forsake you. Run to Him for strength, for answers, for peace through the storm. He is with you and He will comfort you.

As you walk through your every day, I encourage you to take note of the ways God’s work is evident in your life. How is He answering your prayers? He sends people to help you, often placing them in your life long before you know you need them and their expertise. He will make a way for you in the trials. He may not pluck you out of your difficulties, for often this is how He encourages us to grow. He does sit right with you in them, though. Allow Him to encircle you in His arms, to lift you up out of the muck and the mire, and to give you abundant joy in your circumstance.

Be sure to follow along with the series Learning to Trust God in Everything for more encouragement.

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

I stumbled across this article about dreams and faith. It’s a seriously good read and quite encouraging.

What evidence have you seen in your every day that shows that God sees you? Share in the comments!

Share Your Burdens With One Another


Are you in community with others who can help carry your burdens? And for whom you can come to their aid when they struggle, too?

Scripture instructs us to share each other’s burdens, and we cannot do this if we are not in community.

Share Your Burdens With One Another

God encourages us through scripture to carry the weight of one another's burdens. Learn exactly what He says in Share Your Burdens with One Another. momentaryafflictions.com

Just a important, start at home. Be available to your spouse and your children, to help carry the weight of their troubles. This will enable you to lighten their load, to understand what they are experiencing, and to grow closer to your loved one.

Being available to others will help build trust in God for both of you, and provide practical help when it is needed.

Follow along with the series, Learning to Trust God in Everything, and be encouraged by scripture graphics, stories, how-to’s, and resources.

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

How do you help carry the weight of others’ burdens? Share your tips for doing so in the comments!

8 Creative Tools to Help You Study the Bible


Do you enjoy a regular time of personal bible study? I have begun to delve deeply into God’s word. Studying the bible on a more regular basis is helping me to develop greater trust in God, and a stronger appreciation for the magnificent mercy and grace He extends to us all.

I cannot claim to be an artist, but one of my favorite ways to read and learn scripture is through bible journaling.

 momentaryafflictions.com Come on over and see some of my favorite materials to use for #biblestudy in this post, 8 Creative Tools to Help You Study the Bible!

The ‘art’ in my bible is very simple. But even that small bit of creativity helps me to get God’s word deeper into my heart, as I am using more of my senses while I study.

I’m excited today to share with you 8 creative tools to help you study the bible. I use some of these tools while others have been recommended to me and I plan to try them soon.

Inspire Bible NLT: The Bible for Creative Journaling 

Perfect for those who are not as artistic as some. Artwork is already included! Simply open up your bible and start coloring. 

OR if you’re more creative you can try this gorgeous leather journaling bible. This one is really great if you can express a lot of creativity through drawing. I love the feel of it and the ties on the front. Makes me feel so old-school.

Prismacolor Colored Pencils 

These colored pencils truly make a huge difference in the quality of your writing and coloring. The colors pop, and the pencils seems to glide across the page as you write. 

Letter Stenciling Set 

I have not tried these yet, but they caught my eye as a way to do something just a bit different with my bible journaling. I hope to try them out soon. 

Jon Courson’s Application Commentary: New Testament 

I have used this concordance on during my bible study time on many occasions. It is quite helpful for explaining various passages in the bible and has improved my understanding of God’s word. Jon Courson has also written a concordance for the Old Testament, in two volumes, so be sure to look for those as well. 

10-Piece Inductive Bible Study Kit

I am looking forward to using this study kit. I have always wanted to learn how I should be highlighting in my bible. Soon! 

me & my BIG ideas Let Your Faith Sticker

These look fun. A great way to add in an element of scrapbooking to your bible journaling.

Your favorite pens (I’m partial to ballpoint but use whatever works best for you!) I especially like the various colors, but black or blue would work well, too.


I love to sip my favorite coffee out of this beautiful and inspirational mug while I pray, praise, read, write, and craft. I use the k-cups because we have a Keurig, but Caribou is also available for ‘regular’ coffee pots, too.

Caribou Coffee K-cups


Be sure to follow along with the entire series on Learning to Trust God in Everything.

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

You’ll find each day’s new post there on the landing page as soon as it’s published.

What are your favorite creative tools for studying the bible? Leave your recommended resources in the comments. I can’t wait to learn what you are using to help cement God’s word in your mind and heart!


God’s Word is Always True


Do you believe that God’s word is always true? No matter your circumstance, no matter your hurts, joys, losses, celebrations. God is with you.


God loves you. He promises to take care of you.

Run to Him and He will be your protector!

God’s Word is Always True

God's Word is Always True momentaryafflictions.com God's Word is Always True momentaryafflictions.com Did you know that God is your protector? Run to Him! He is your shield.

For more encouragement, be sure to follow Learning to Trust God in Everything, a 31-day series.

Resources to help you build trust in God.

Do you have a favorite verse that reminds you God is your protector and shield? Share it in the comments!

Can You Really Trust God?


Can you really trust God?

What a complicated and difficult yet simple and obvious question, right? Those of you who are Christ-followers know the answer to this. Even if you do not believe in God or the salvation given to you through His son Jesus, you likely know that the ‘proper’ answer to this question is “yes”.

However, no matter what your relationship is with God, you probably are not looking for the ‘proper’ answer to this question. Rather, you seek hard evidence that God is good, kind, loving, omnicient, and worthy of your trust.

How can you find out if what other christians say is true? Can you believe what God’s word says? And is He still good even when bad things happen to His people?

Can you really trust God? When bad things happen, or in celebrations? Come learn a few ways to look for God's goodness and truly see how faithful He is! momentaryafflictions.com

These are questions that I believe all humans struggle with from time to time in different seasons of life, even if you cannot exactly articulate the questions in quite the same way. I also believe that God is okay with you and me asking these questions. He knows that He is good, merciful, trustworthy, kind, loving, all-powerful. Your questions do not threaten Him. He knows who He is. Your questions will help you and me to dig deeper into His word and get to know Him more. Which in turn, will increase your trust (and mine) in Him even when you may not understand your circumstances and difficulties.

I cannot claim to have this all together all the time. While I do trust God, for me trusting God is a journey that I am on. I am constantly learning new reasons and finding more evidence of His perfect grace, love, and faithfulness. I want to share with you a few ways that I find God’s trustworthiness in the everyday.

How to see proof that You can trust God

  • Look for one way each day that God has walked with you. Did He answer a prayer, big or small? Maybe He caused a delay in traffic that helped you to avoid an accident. Examine the events of the day and identify one way that God was with you and helped you.
  • Listen to stories of God’s mercy in the lives of friends, family, and acquaintances. You can learn so much from hearing how He has been steadfast in another’s life; how He has held them up through tragedy or blessed them through seemingly impossible circumstances. Use these stories to build your trust in your loving and kind creator.
  • Long for Jesus. Crave time with Him. Soend time reading His word and renewing your mind with truth. Be sure that you are both worshiping Him and giving thanks as well as asking for His guidance.
  • Live life with joyful expectancy. I can have a tendency to have a cup-half-empty mentality. Striving to change your mindset and adopt a cup-half-full attitude can dramatically change your life. Knowing this with your mind is easy. Living it from your heart is the real challenge. But it is one worth taking.

Please follow along with my series, Learning to Trust God in Everything, to read more about building trust in God in everyday life.

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

What do you think about the question, Can we really trust God? Share in the comments both your doubts and ways that He has showed himself trustworthy in your life.


10 Favorite Songs to Add to Your Worship Playlist


One of my favorite ways to grow closer to the Lord is through song. I love to put on worship music and bask in His presence. Some of my best times of hearing from God have come to me through praise. Through prayer. Through my brokenness and offering it to Him. Today I am excited to share with you 10 favorite songs to add to your worship playlist!

God often uses the lyrics in a song to point out to me my wrongs while also wrapping His arms of comfort around me in my pain, confusion, heartaches, and struggles. And definitely in my successes and joys, as well.

Are you looking for new music for your time of praise? Find peace and comfort in the Lord as you enjoy these 10 worship songs to add to your playlist!

The more time I spend in God’s presence, focused solely on Him and His goodness – on His mercy, grace and love – the more my trust in Him grows.

I’ve shared 10 of my favorite worship songs below. I pray you will listen and be blessed as I have.

10 Favorite Songs to Add to Your Worship Playlist


Though You Slay me – Shane & Shane

In the Eye of a Storm – Ryan Stevenson

You Are Not Alone – Kari Jobe

Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains) – Crowder

Chain Breaker (Acoustic) – Zach Williams

Priceless – For King & Country

Healer – Kari Jobe

Blameless/How He Loves – Dara Maclean

Impossible – Meredith Andrews

Wordless – Lauren Daigle

Be sure to follow along with the series, Learning to Trust God in Everything, so you can build your trust in Him alongside me!

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

Which songs are on your worship playlist? Share your favorite titles in the comments below so we can all get to know new christian artists and songs!

God Cares About You


What are  you worried about today? Why don’t you pause and give God your worries right now. He cares about you.

momentaryafflictions.com God Cares About You, cast your cares on Him!

God has a plan for you. Trust in His plan.

Follow my series, Learning to Trust God in Everything, for more encouragement that will build your trust!

Trust is essential in all relationships. Learning to Trust God in Everything is a 31-day journey of building trust in God first, and with others. Join me! momentaryafflictions.com

Do you need prayer? Please contact me or leave a comment so I can add your need to my prayer journal!